Protecting Mankind

One step at a time

Protecting Mankind

One step at a time

Protecting Mankind

One step at a time

Why Traction Up?

US Businesses spend $11.2 BILLION on same level falls (*Per Liberty Mutual)

Slips, trip and fall injuries cost employers approximately $40,000 per incident

An average tile floor when wet loses 62.50% of it's COF

Additional Industry Slip Data and Facts (if needed)

2018 FACTS: "Disabling workplace injuries cost US business more than $58 Billon"

Top 10 Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards
  • Contamination of floors
  • Poor drainage
  • Indoor walking surface irregularities
  • Outdoor walking surface irregularities
  • Adverse weather conditions, such as ice and snow
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Stairs and handrails
  • Stepstools and ladders
  • Messy work areas
  • Improper use of floor mats and runners
There are two types of falls - elevated falls and same-level falls

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

  • 65% of fall-related injuries occur as a result of falls from same-level walking surfaces;
  • The services, wholesale, and retail trade industries together accounted for over 60% of injuries that resulted from same level falls;
  • The manufacturing sector alone accounted for 16 percent of injuries that resulted from same-level falls;
  • While same-level falls are more common, elevated falls are often the most serious and cause more severe injuries to a less number of people;
  • Over 60% of all elevated falls are from a height of less than 10 feet;
  • Over one million Americans suffer a slip, trip, and fall injury every year;
  • An estimated 20 - 30% of people who experience a slip and fall will suffer moderate to severe injuries such as bruises, hip fractures, or head injuries;
  • The most common fractures that occur from slip and fall accidents are fractures are of the spine, hip, forearm, leg, ankle, pelvis, upper arm, and hand;
  • Slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and these account for 46% of fatal falls among older Americans;
  • Slips, trips and fall accidents can also cause other complications including: Death, Incapacitation, Broken bones and fractures, Long-term medical complications, Head trauma and Spinal cord injuries;
  • 1 in 6 of all lost-time work injuries result from slips, trips and falls;
  • Slips, trips and fall injuries make up almost 20 percent of all job related injuries;
  • It is estimated that these injuries result in an average of 11 days away from work;
  • Approximately 19,565 people die in the U.S. annually due to injuries caused by unintentional falls;
  • According to OSHA, slips, trips and falls cause 15% of all accidental deaths;
  • Slips, trips and fall injuries account for between 12 and 15 percent of all Workers' Compensation expenses;
  • Slips, trip and fall injuries cost employers approximately $40,000 per incident;

About Traction

Traction Up is a proprietary nano-spike technology coating that enhances grip and prevents slips on any type of wet or slick surface.

Traction Up is:

  • Nanotechnology - invisible to the human eye and unnoticeable to skin contact
  • Multi-purpose - can be applied on any and all surfaces
  • Non-etching - preserving floors while also making them easier to clean
  • Biodegradable & 98% water based - safe for skin contact, odorless, and R2 food safety rating
  • Easy to install - 3 simple steps for installation that typically takes an hour and is ready for immediate use with no need for curing
  • Durable - only removed by friction so depending on amount of foot traffic/friction it can last up to 2 years


Traction Up's Nano Spike Technology treatment dramatically increases the Coefficient of Friction (COF) of a floor surface, making it safer when wet.

Industry Applications

We've seen a decrease of slips by 52%

Safety Manager of Company ABC

We could feel the increased traction factor on the treated floors.

Thomas B., Owner of Tim Hortons francise location

We've seen a decrease of slips by 52%

Safety Manager of Company ABC

Traction Up has held up great! With over 2 Million people walking across the floors we can still feel the impact.

Name of Safety Manager at TTC



William Marletta Ph.D.,
CSP Safety Consultant
Test Equipment:
Fully calibrated BOT 3000E Slip Tester

Dr. Bill's Findings


Initial testing of ceramic tile found that the application of "Traction Up" increased the slip resistance (COF) of a hard, smooth, matte finish ceramic tile floor which was untreated and wet by a whopping 265% in COF where treated with "Traction Up".


"Traction Up" treatment created a coated floor finish which was reasonably safe for use when wet in accordance with A137.1 "Ceramic Tile Slip Resistance" which stipulates that the resulting tests are required to maintain 0.42 or more in order to be acceptable for slip resistance.


"Traction Up" treatment created a finely coated, transparent, floor finish on the matte finish ceramic tile and its appearance is not easily detectable by the eye.


"Traction Up" treatment shows that the product actually slightly reduced the surface roughness in cases where the treatment was applied. The "Traction Up" product makes surfaces easier to clean by having 22% reduction in roughness.

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